A survey undertaken by global information and measurement giant, Nielsen, reported that 91% of SME’s have been targets of IT attacks. Hackers are turning into commercially savvy organisations, profiling their victims and making the availability of their viruses widespread. 

In the same way that a burglar chooses a house to rob on the basis how fruitful the spoils will be, hackers are choosing victims that are more likely to have not invested into defences and are of a size that they will pay the ransom in order to operate.

Our partner in the defence against this type of activity (Panda Security) reported that Cyber extortion is a form of blackmail in which victims of an IT attack are forced to pay to avoid it’s effects. They continued to unearth that 39% of attacks come from unsafe and fraudulent websites; 23% from software downloads and 19% from malware received by email.

I think then that with these kind of statistics we can start to understand why Britain is being targeted. Unlike the US us Brits tend to invest less into firewalls and anti-virus defences largely because we inadvertently believe that we wont become the targets of such attacks.

In our experience there are a large number of SME’s that will buy the entry-level antivirus protection and not consider anything wider. Is that through a lack of understanding or are all anti-virus products just too similar to differentiate? If that was once true, you can be sure that with the availability of Adaptive Defence 360 from Panda Security, those days are gone.

Panda’s Adaptive Defence 360 has developed the first solution that guarantees the continuous monitoring and 100% of the active processes. Panda Security has developed the only cybersecurity solution that is capable of protecting your company against direct attacks, zero-days, or any type of advance threat, including Cryptolocker.

It is the first product in the market that guarantees to completely protect computers and servers, thanks to continuously monitoring 100% of the processes on the endpoint.

Aside from paying the ransom of thousands of pounds without any guarantee of getting your data back, you only really have two options.

“Completely wipe all traces of malware from your computers”. Just consider taking your business offline whilst IT professionals cleanse your data. The cost of those onsite services would not be insignificant but would certainly be less that the revenue losses you could expect.

“Recover all your encrypted files”. This is probably the most logical place to start but does your backup topology afford enough restore points to ensure it is not also infected? Chances are that the malware has also infected your backups.

Ignorance is now not an option! 

Given that there is now a product that reports to comprehensively and proactively protect your business, choosing anything else is making a clear statement that your data and therefore business is simply not valuable to you, but would the shareholders agree?

Tell your current anti-virus provider YOU’RE FIRED and PANDA…..YOU’RE HIRED.





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