INFINITY Tone is the UK’s premier commercially-graded; hosted and fully-managed telephony suite.

Tone has been designed to allow business to operate without the technical and commercial restrictions of traditional on premise PBX based infrastructure. The platform delivers a feature rich offering that can operate from anywhere in the world with Quality of Service (QoS) backed HD calling.

Tone addresses the requirements of businesses that want to control operating costs, whilst provisioning resources that allow their employee to become more productive.

With Infinity Tone You’re Always Connected

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Standard Packages

Whilst we’ve tried to give as many features as possible within our packages, we always look to work with our clients to tailor a solution that meets every need. You can mix and match features, packages and site licences to achieve a personalised solution.


  • SmartPhone Application Only
  • 2000 Minutes To UK Landlines and Mobiles
  • Free Auto-Attendant
  • Unlimited Hunt Groups
  • Video Calling


  • Basic + A Choice of Polycom / Yealink Handset
  • Unlimited Calls To UK Landlines and Mobiles
  • Free Auto-Attendant
  • Unlimited Hunt Groups
  • Video Calling
  • 3-Way Conferencing Calling


  • Standard + Collaboration Suite
    (SmartPhone, Desktop App, Desk Phone)
  • Unlimited Calls To UK Landlines and Mobiles
  • Free Auto-Attendant
  • Unlimited Hunt Groups
  • Video Calling
  • 8-Way Conferencing Bridge
  • Desktop Screen Sharing

Feature List

Standard Features

Allows a user to have up to ten alternate phone numbers in addition to the main phone number and to assign one of four distinctive ring patterns to each alternate number.

Allows a user to see the most recently received, missed or placed calls.

Allows SIP phones with programmable keys or key modules to manage the lamp and console displays for monitored users.

Allows a user to redirect incoming calls to another destination when they are busy, unreachable, unanswered or if they want a constant number forward.

Enables the user to transfer a call to a specified destination.

Enables a user to make a three-way call with the two other parties, whereby all parties can communicate with each other.

Allows a user to set their status to “unavailable” and not be notified of incoming calls.

SmartPhone Application so you can make and receive calls in real time as if you were at your desk.

PC toolbar integration to allow users to manage calls and contact directory on their PC.

Allows a user to receive e-mail notifications about selected incoming calls based on the specified selective criteria.

Premium Features

PCI Compliant call recording, only recording the information that you require. Allowing you to monitor call quality and staff performance, improving customer service and aiding in the resolution to any phone disputes.

Allows you to utilise sophisticated routing policies, placing callers in queues with priority levels enabling your customers to get through to the next available agent with the correct skill set to handle the enquiry.

Integrate a range of call control features into over 500 compatible CRM systems, enabling you to link customer files to inbound calls seamlessly.

Each user can host conference calls for up to 8 users.

Make and receive video calls on your PC or mobile.

A fully integrated call analytics and recording solution that is proven to identify business efficiencies that delivers a return on investment.

Collaboration features allow you to use your PC during calls to share screens and work in real time on documents with other members of the team.

Desktop based receptionist software that allows you to monitor up to 200 users at a time, easily transferring and managing calls.

Don’t restrict employees to one workspace. With the hot desk client, users can roam or move when required and sign in and out of the phone handset.

Allows a user to call a phone number assigned to the instant group call group, whereby the system alerts all members in the group. As the members answer, they are joined into a multi-way conference.

Site Features

Manage and distribute all of your incoming business calls in an efficient, consistent manner.

Allows the group administrator to select specific users who must enter a valid authorisation code when making a call to a party outside of the group.

Allows an administrator to set up and maintain an audio source that can be broadcasted to held parties in various scenarios (Call Park, Call Hold and Busy Camp On).

Allows incoming calls to a central phone number to be distributed among other members of that group according to the following hunting policies: Linear, Circular, Uniform, Simultaneous or Weighted.

Enables a user to answer any ringing phone in their specific pick up group. A pick up group would be configured so that people in each department can answer each others calls, keeping the call within the correct department. More than one group can be configured to cover any scenario.

Provides a users with all of the features of a traditional voice messaging solution as well as email notification and web interface management. Voice messaging can be set up group wide or on an individual basis.

Calls can be distributed to users in a multitude of ways. Fixed order, working its way through agents in a specific order,  simultaneously so that all agents have an equal chance to take the call or uniform, where the call is pushed to agents based on last call and idle time, sharing the work flow equally.

Instant disaster recovery procedure to divert all calls to your pre specified numbers in the event of a disaster.

Allows an alternative calling line ID to be presented to the called party when the users make a call.

The Speed Dial 100 service allows a user to place calls using a directory of up to 100 frequently called numbers. The user dials the associated two-digit speed code, preceded by a configurable prefix.