Infinity’s interpretation of Disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) is not restricted to having the facility to recover from a disaster.  Infinity differentiate ourselves by how quickly we can achieve this and the industry wide challenges we have overcome to achieve this.  Clearly DRaaS starts with a replication and hosting of our clients physical or virtual servers in the Infinity Datacentre to provide failover in the event of a disaster. The key challenge surrounds the network and accessing the data from anywhere.  Infinity have pre-configured access to the network that can be shipped to our clients.

Understanding our client’s business and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) is paramount when planning such a service to ensure the transition is fast, reliable and tailored to our customer needs.  Having a backup of your data offsite is only half way to protecting your business, being able to recover from that backup is the next stage.  DRaaS effectively achieves a full Managed Service, as we strive to service every need of our client’s business.

Infinity’s Datacentre is in Derby and we also replicate to other DC’s around the UK for resiliency.  The Datacentre is manned around the clock with Perimeter fencing, CCTV and Photo ID access restrictions.  The Infinity solution benefits from N+1 cooling and air conditioning, generator backups and a dedicated Internet Line.

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Infinity couple our DRaaS offering with Infinity Protect, and insist that all clients wishing to adopt the solution have this in place.  Infinity are then able to protect our client’s data in the first instance before providing them with the platform to recover their data within a timeframe that is acceptable to our clients (RTO) and continue to get on with running their business and serving their customer’s needs.  Infinity will work with our clients to build copies of each machine which can sit in a dormant state.  When DRaaS is then invoked we can point each machine to the Infinity Protect backups without delay after applying CPU and Memory to the dormant machines.

The most common reaction when DRaaS needs to be invoked is that of panic, regardless of whether your business is prepared for such a scenario or not.  Infinity do not see the advantage to such scaremongering as with the investments that we have made as a business in the DRaaS enterprise infrastructure we are confident in a seamless transition from your onsite solution to our replication of your physical or virtual servers.  DRaaS from Infinity will see your staff entertain the same user experience as if they were running from your own solution, whilst Infinity work with the business to get them back up and running following the disaster.

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Infinity’s equipment is housed within the NODE4 data centres, optimising their secure and resilient environment. Which boasts N+1 DX Cooling and FM200 Fire Suppression.

The data centre complies to ISO27001 with its secure perimeter fencing, CCTV, Photo ID access and Anti-tailgating Pod, all of which is monitored 24×7.

Our dedicated racks and MPLS circuits are protected by dual power transformers, N+1 generator backup and N+N UPS.

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Infinity owns the totality of the architecture that serves our Disaster Recovery as a Service solution.

Our equipment is best-in-class. We have new IBM FlexSystem Chassis’s configured in a high-availability state with no single point of failure. Our storage is also from the IBM family, with V7000 Storewise managing the client data areas.

Our networking is made up of leading Cisco Meraki devices which enable our site-to-site connections in the event of a failure.

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Infinity operates a 24x7x365 service desk that continually monitors our environment to ensure its availability for when you need it.

Both the tools we use and the people we entrust are absolutely fundamental to our ability to ensure maximum uptime and efficiency.

Our team are accredited with Veeam, Microsoft, VMware, IBM and Cisco Meraki. As a result we are able to ensure best practise for administration and maintenance of our solution.