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Infinity’s Infrastructure as a Service model is located in an N+1 Datacentre in the UK and is hosted on Enterprise IBM Servers and Storage, complimented by best of breed Cisco Meraki Firewalls and Networking with Panda Adaptive Defense 360 intrusion prevention.  All of the Infinity hardware is fully redundant and has the ability to failover to standby systems if required.  IaaS is a growing market, however so many of the offerings in the market are let down by the provider’s inability to provide the flexibility demanded by businesses.  Infinity have overcome this issue with our offering and we are able to provide our clients access to compute power and storage capacity using the Infinity cloud’s hardware with both security and flexibility in mind.

Infinity offer a fully Managed Solution, whereby we are responsible for the management and updates of the operating systems running the client’s applications.   In addition to Software it is our obligation to undertake capacity planning, security and hardware management to guarantee uptime.  Infinity use the same six stage process when it comes to planning IaaS and will assist in determining the resources required.

When choosing Infinity for IaaS you are safe in the knowledge that our technical team and 24 x 7 Service desk is monitoring the performance of your provisioned service around the clock to ensure uptime is guaranteed.

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