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Lee Hayes

Operations Director


Lee’s career commenced post university graduation at Nationwide Building Society where he set about mastering his trade within purchasing.

Lee moved into the IT industry in 2004 as a purchasing manager for an IT services company. Whilst managing all downstream relationships and order fulfilment worth circa £3million per year, he focused his spare time on completing his CIPS (Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply) qualifications.

Today Lee maintains the role of Operations Director which heads the Finance, HR and Procurement areas within the business. His methodical approach to process and performance is a credit to many of the operational efficiencies Infinity enjoys today.

Key Skills




Responsible for operational efficiency, Lee oversees the auditing and compliance of the businesses ISO9001 accreditation for quality standards and performance.




Having a keen eye for finance, Lee ensures the financial stability of the company through diligent budgeting, cash-flow management and investment planning.



Supply Chain

Making good use of his investment in CIPS, Lee manages Infinity’s supply chain to ensure consistent performance and compliance with our quality standards.


People Matter

Human Resources

Our company is all about our people! Lee manages the human resources policies and systems to ensure we support our employees and maintain our excellent team.

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