Proactive Monitoring

We Don’t Like Surprises! Prevention Is Always Better Than Cure!

When it comes to management of servers, storage, applications, networks and devices, we understand that keeping everything up to date, optimized and working well can take a huge amount of our client’s resources. We believe that where possible, prevention is better than cure and that prevention comes from being well informed.

Infinity’s Monitoring & Management is a cloud-based agent that allows us to monitor the health of our client’s devices remotely – anywhere and anytime.

Suitable for a huge range of assets and platforms – Microsoft, OSX and Linux included, Monitoring & Management can be customised at device level to raise proactive alerts for a huge range of hardware, software and system errors.

Our IT Service Management platform delivers more than simply alerts and notifications. Through its workflow and automation features its allows us to routinely run administrative tasks and risk assessments, which ultimately avoids problems before they have a real business impact.

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Reporting is critical to IT whether it be for gauging historic trends, analysing storage consumption or processor usage statistics.  Infinity’s tools allow you to get a Report for Just About Anything You Need.  When it comes to managing your IT environment, transparency is paramount. You need the ability to know what’s going on and why, and you need to understand historical trends. The Reporting is reliable, and provides easy-to-understand reports that enable our clients to show the clear value that IT services provide their business.

As part of the Infinity Suite Active discovery provides a synopsis of all devices connected to your network.  Understanding exactly what is on your network at all times is key for Security and governance, new devices are continually being added to your network, some of which the users themselves may not even be aware. Active discovery helps to ensure that any new device on the network can be found and properly managed before it becomes an issue

Infinity recognise both your time and our time is at a premium, so it greatly benefits you and your users when you can automate a routine IT task. Automating routine checks and tasks frees up your time, increases efficiency, and enables you to offer more consistent service.

Infinity’s Remote Monitoring & Management automation and scripting features let you pass off the mundane tasks to the system. We have over 100 pre-defined automation scripts in our script library ready for use

Understanding any risk in your business is important but is essential when it comes to your Data.  Infinity can offer our customers instant information on IT security Risks. Within minutes of deploying integrated Risk Intelligence, you will be able to assess your customers’ IT security, identify critical data at risk, and provide comprehensive reports that are both compelling and detailed.

Our Mobile Management Solution provides the ability to Manage and Secure Smartphones and Tablets from a Single Dashboard.  As companies increasingly make additional investments in handheld devices such as tablets, smart phones and other handheld devices for their employees its crucial to be able to account for them all.

This means you need solid mobile device management software that lets them be more productive by using their preferred devices while still keeping the network safe and secure.

Fine-Tune Your Patch Management Policies to Prevent Cyberattacks and Optimise System Performance

Remaining vigilant to Security and keeping your business safe is something we try to hammer home to our customers.  Ensuring all systems are kept up to date with the latest patches is the first and most important stage of this process to ensure you are not opening IT up to serious security risks.  Managing this across larger estates individually is simply not manageable, so having the ability to utilise patch management software to take care of it all ensures you are safe and optimise system performance.  Whether you want to automate the entire process or you want to manually approve or deny patches, we have the solution for you.

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