Is your business moving? There’s a lot to consider, whether you are moving offices, warehousing, opening additional sites, or even moving to the cloud.

Any change like this requires substantial and complex changes to your ICT infrastructure and that’s where we can help. INFINITY are vastly experienced in project managing relocations of all sizes. Our dedicated team design and undertake all aspects of the relocation or building fit-out, all the while being mindful of the safe operation of your business.

Infinity provide the expert support you need, carefully managing your relocation project to ensure everything works smoothly from day one of your move.

Infinity complete site surveys and methodical scenarios, which include all preliminary risk assessments. Infinity have liability cover of over £2 million and have access to specialist transportation and packaging options for servers, data centre, clients and devices. The vehicles we use have been specifically designed for the movement of high-value, delicate equipment. As part of the process Infinity assemble and disassemble as required and can also carry out internal movements within a company.

Infinity use a six stage solution plan for the migration or move of your business

Design and Planning

We take the time to understand your existing infrastructure, where you are moving it to, and what you might need for the future. We then carefully plan a way to move your equipment as quickly and safely as possible to ensure minimal downtime to your company.

Integration & ISV Management

Due diligence and responsibility are two things that we take very seriously at Infinity IT Solutions. We ensure that your system will move and integrate seamlessly into its new environment whether it is being added to existing infrastructure or remaining as a stand-alone system.

Implementation of relocation 

It is about mobilising your infrastructure and relocating it. Infinity IT have the right resources in place to move install and commission safely, in logical steps and with minimal downtime and disruption.

Equipment setup 

Infinity IT have the skill sets and the people available to set up and provision your Infrastructure and equipment to work exactly how you want it to. If you don’t have the expertise to decide how it’s configured we can advise and guide you through this process so that you get the desired result.

Document Handover

Infinity provide coherent and formal documentation that demonstrate how your systems have been moved and how they have been setup and installed at the new location.


At Infinity the service doesn’t stop once the move is complete. We look to support our customers retrospectively to any move and welcome any support queries. Infinity can of course maintain any infrastructure as part of our hardware and software maintenance offerings.

Cabling is a massive consideration when moving your IT equipment to a new environment. It is often taken for granted that cabling will be readily available in a new or existing office building, it isn’t necessarily fit for purpose. A good cabling solution is essential to ensure that your infrastructure and staff can work effectively.

Infinity can offer complete and comprehensive cabling solutions for all requirements whether it be testing existing cables, additional cabling, a refresh of cabling or laying a completely new solution. Infinity will help you determine what the best technology (delete second best) is for your voice and data network by ensuring that we test all aspects using technology to produce accurate reports for optimum performance.

We can design and install a host of different copper structured cabling solutions.  Category 5e, category 6 &6a as well as category 7 fully shielded cabling. Infinity also offer a fibre optic solution, which offers many benefits due to its bandwidth and dependability. Infinity can provide both single mode and multimode fibre optic cabling giving you a comprehensive choice of solutions.

All our work is carried out by qualified electricians and cabling engineers to ensure absolute quality and safety standards are adhered to.

As part of any cabling project Infinity IT Solutions can provide you with a full network audit.  This enables our clients to see exactly where their problems reside. We will be able to offer you several options to meet your requirements so that the final decision is in your hands. Any work that Infinity IT Solutions complete is fully documented and project managed so that once the work is complete you can easily manage any future changes when the requirement arises.

It is critical to understand there isn’t a “one-size-fits-all solution” to a server room design. We take the time to understand our customers needs and desires in each and every project that we undertake. Knowing your requirements and constraints means we can systematically work with you to create a plan that your happy with.

Infinity IT Solutions go through a strategic and stringent checklist when designing and building the environment for the hub of your business. We take great pride in ensuring that every box is ticked to make sure the server room is fit for purpose and capable of holding what is probably the most important part of your business. Protecting these critical assets could at some point save your business in the event of a power failure, fire, flood or other emergency.

Infinity can either work alongside contractors or work from plans of existing buildings to get your proposed server room ready for use. Infinity’s approach ensures all challenges and specifications of the customer can be met. Our team is skilled in creating tailored designs that suit all ages, sizes and types of building. We also believe vendor neutrality is key – our vast array of partners means that we are free to determine the best solution for your individual requirements without the constraints of being limited to one manufacturer.

Many considerations must be taken in to account including electrical capacity and quality. The connectivity going to and from the room, the working conditions inside the room and the security of the room to name just a few. Infinity’s project team can work with you to manage, advise and facilitate the whole thing.

Infinity strives to exceed our customers expectations in everything that we do and so feel it is important to keep you involved throughout the process as much as possible. We like to make sure all relevant stakeholders are included from start to finish and are guided through each stage of both the design and the build. In doing so we are able to handle any concerns or alterations during the process to give the perfect end result.

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As part of our specialist relocation solution we can provide a number of value-add services, this allows our customers to contain costs and consolidate suppliers.

Whether we are moving your core infrastructure or not, companies often neglect the fact that what sits at the other end of the system is equally as important. What could be worse than arriving to your new offices after move day and none of your staff being able to work because their machines aren’t unboxed and connected.

Infinity can offer an end to end Client Machine Pack & Move service, which takes away all the pain and downtime involved in a usual move.

Working with you, we analyse plans of the new office layout so that each client machine is where it should be in your new location. Not only that but we ensure that all machines are moved, cabled and tested to be working so that your staff can begin work as soon as they arrive.

Infinity’s due diligence in planning an office move means that nothing is left behind. Each PC setup is carefully de-assembled, packed securely and marked specifically to the user to which it belongs. Once it arrives at the new location, the Infinity Move team can then place in the newly planned location and reassembled exactly as it was before.

No longer will you be stuck with the hassle of users unable to setup their PC or forgetting connectors. No longer will you be in a situation where cables are too short or there is not enough sockets. Infinity Pack & Move means your business keeps running efficiently.