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Infinity IT Solutions understands the importance of telecommunications and the changing landscape of VoIP communications which has pushed the trusty telephone into the realm of the IT manager and the wider IT estate. However, is Skype for Business, with a Skype calling plan, the answer for your business communications needs? Does Infinity Tone, the UK’s premier commercially-graded, fully managed and hosted telephony suite, provide the right level of support and cloud-based expedience? Let’s find out how they work?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a fast-growing market. As more and more businesses migrate to the cloud, more companies are evaluating the power of VoIP telephony services and packages. Forrester Researchargues that VoIP will become a major enterprise computing consideration as the IT estate pushes more and more of its core assets into the cloud.

Gartner, the leading IT research service, argues that VoIP IP telephony has already started a new ‘craze’ called “End-to-End” Enterprise VoIP. Gartner believes that over the next decade legacy telecommunications will move to the cloud as $588 billion dollars a year will be spent on VoIP platforms and services. So, understanding why Skype and Infinity Tone are suitable for your needs is an important exercise in cost-base management.

Ofcom, the UK telephony regulator, has highlighted how much value VoIP services can provide business customers with. The Ofcom research noted that many businesses didn’t use the full spectrum of subscription services. As the sector grows by 188% annually, companies are jumping on the cloud-based VoIP bandwagon – but some are being taken for a ride. Unsurprisingly, Ofcom suggests you should use a trusted provider.

Microsoft is a sector leader within the VoIP ecosystem. The conglomerate is keen to showcase how cloud-based PBX/PSTN services can provide value for businesses. The integration, and therein collaborative genius, of bringing Skype into the Office family of productivity and communications tools highlights Microsoft’s appreciation for the future of VoIP technologies worldwide.

This article will breakdown the differences for UK and international clients. How Infinity Tone and Skype differ whilst also providing a basic outline of what these services are and how they can help your business. So, let’s get started.

What is Skype?

Skype is the ubiquitous webcam platform who started one of the earliest subscription and cloud-based Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) service. Today, Skype is owned by Microsoft and is part of the Office family. Skype, therefore, has a solid benefit when considering productivity and communications packages.

Microsoft offers Skypethrough a series of ‘Calling Plans’. They are linked to your Office 365 subscription and provide a comprehensive phone system that is managed by your Office 365 subscription. You can easily request international and UK domestic telephone numbers and simply add them to your subscription Calling Plan package. You can monitor your calls, you can connect via any device and you have immediate connectivity.

What is Infinity Tone?

Infinity Tonehas been developed by Infinity IT Solutions to provide businesses with an easy-to-manage VoIP service that empowers business owners (who don’t need to be IT savvy) to experience the power and scalability of IP telephony services – with the added benefit of Quality of Service (QoS) HD backed calling. Infinity Tone strikes the right balance between scalability and cost management allowing productivity to become the central focus of your telephony needs.

Infinity Tone can be unified across your organisation’s entire device spectrum – from desktop phones, mobiles and tablets. The HD power of QoS means you can access near-4G capable call quality through shared WIFI. Furthermore, Infinity IT Solutions will manage and monitor your call provisioning with 99.9999% availability allowing you 24/7 peace of mind. You have access to a range of benefits – including automatic disaster recovery and redirect and global connectivity.

How do they differ?

Microsoft are using Skype to migrate telecommunications systems into the cloud and by association pushing them into the very heart of the IT department. In reality, it is a geographic question. International clients may want to subscribe directly with Microsoft to help create a local footprint with the right local telephone numbers. However, Infinity Tone’s services, which are predominantly aimed at the UK market, can provide Skype but with the added benefit of Infinity IT Solution’s unified communications expertise.

In reality, there isn’t a divergence between Infinity Tone and Skype for Business. In fact, the synergies created by Skype for Business and Infinity IT Solutions can provide businesses with a new collaborative and communications platform that can help create a new approach to business communications and productivity. These synergies mean Infinity Tone and Skype are ideal bedfellows within a fast-changing VoIP communications landscape.

What else you need to consider?

Hardware is another crucial consideration. As the legacy hardware providers are slow to move to VoIP, new vendors like Polycom, Yealink and Logitech are creating new Skype-based technologies that can provide HD quality VoIP communications solutions within the enterprise environment. The importance of third party vendor development is that Skype is building a wider ecosystem. This empowers organisations to use Skype, and Infinity IT Solutions products, in a way that provides major inter-operability.

Collaboration is key. As the IT and Telephony fields blur, so does the new communications environment. The integration of Skype for Business within the very heart of Microsoft Office 365 provides businesses, and Infinity IT Solutions clients, with the familiarity of Office yet it also provides a new avenue of collaboration. As documents can be shared, as instant messages can be sent, as web conferencing can change the way companies do presentations, sales pitches and more, the inclusion of VoIP just ramps up the collaborative sweepstakes.

Infinity IT Solutions are expert Skype deployment specialists who also provide their own UK-centric Infinity Tone communications solutions. Whatever productivity and communications cloud-based services you want, Infinity IT Solutions can help. This article has highlighted the differences between the two different telephony services and how they differ for UK and international clients. Why not call Infinity IT Solutions today and talk to VOIP IT Experts about your specific needs? Call us today on 01889 228 439 to find out how we can revolutionise your communications platform.