As Cyber-attacks continue to increase in both size and scale, the widespread impact they have has meant that IT Security for businesses is becoming a pressing concern.  90% of organisations in the UK had a Security breach in 2015, which is an extremely compelling statistic.  In time’s gone by Security wasn’t as much a worry for SME’s and the consensus was this only really effected Large enterprises: NO LONGER THE CASE.   Attacks on companies of all sizes means all organisations need to have security at the heart of their business strategy.

Vengeful hackers have been wreaking havoc, as we have increasingly seen in recent months with the WannaCry, GoldenEye and Petya attacks.  Infinity IT Solutions recognised that clients we speak to were struggling to keep pace with the ever-changing Security climate and wanted a specialist to manage this for them.  Infinity acknowledged that trust is the most crucial element of any service, particularly when it comes to handing over the security of your business, which is not a decision to be taken lightly.  As a result, Infinity It Solutions wanted to design a Security as a Service (SaaS) model that was flexible, adjust to new threats at the same time as not impinging on your daily business processes.  Infinity like to perform a full assessment of our clients Security procedure and infrastructure so that we can tailor our Solution to your needs adopting best practice as we go.

Our Solution amalgamates best of breed technology with Technical expertise and know-how to offer an end to end solution.  Our SaaS offering doesn’t end here, a Security Service can only be judged by how swiftly an organisation reacts to an attack if there is one. Infinity’s pro-active monitoring tools enable us to pick up on attacks quickly and provide our clients with the peace of mind that everything is being done to reduce the overall impact on the business.  Infinity IT Solutions are a renowned Managed Service Provider with highly trained technical engineers.  Our Service Desk is manned around the clock to provide best of breed support and response times.

Penetration Testing – This is a crucial element of the initial evaluation process when designing a SaaS solution for your business, as well as ensuring it remains on point.  The test evaluates the Security of your IT infrastructure by safely trying to exploit vulnerabilities.  These vulnerabilities may exist in operating systems, services and application flaws, improper configurations or risky end-user behaviour.

Next Generation EDR Protection – Infinity IT Solutions partner with Panda for our Anti-Virus products.  Their Adaptive Defense 360 suite, provides absolute Prevention, Detection and Response capabilities, freeing our customers from worrying about all Ransomware and Advanced Persistent Threats.

Firewall – Your businesses Firewall is arguably your most important Security Device.  Infinity IT Solutions partner with a plethora of Firewall vendors to ensure each client’s needs are met depending on the features required.  The Firewall sits between your internal network and the outside world scanning traffic coming in and out with the intention of blocking malicious attacks entering.

Network – Infinity IT Solutions were early adopters investing in Monitoring and Management tools before it was commonplace to do so. Our IT Service Management platform delivers more than simply alerts and notifications. Through its workflow and automation features its allows us to routinely run administrative tasks and risk assessments, which ultimately avoids problems before they have a real business impact.  Infinity IT solutions can deploy our tool to monitor Firewalls, Switches, Wireless networks and Routers.

24 x 7 Service Desk – Our service desk operates from within the UK 24/7. Its manned by industry professionals who have both the accreditations and experience to resolve issues quickly and in an engaging manner. We’re all about customer satisfaction, so it’s important we have the very best people and processes to keep our clients happy during those times when things go wrong.

BKaaS – Having multiple restore points is critical to any business to ensure you are Secure and able to recover if needed, but having an offsite copy is paramount, the image-based replica of your IT estate means you can restore all or part of your server / workstation in just a few clicks from the Infinity Datacentre. The combination of award-winning technology, best-in-class architecture and resilient hosting means that there is no need to invest heavily into under-utilised replica servers and storage.

DRaaS – This is the last resort, but is an often-overlooked aspect of your Security based on price.  36% of businesses lack an effective Disaster Recovery Solution by virtue of cost, but that is no longer an excuse with the Infinity model.  Infinity provide our clients with the facility to recover from a disaster from the offsite copy by replicating and hosting our client’s virtual servers in the Infinity Datacentre.  We encourage our clients to assess how much it can cost to recover from a security incident, and having this in place mitigates that risk.