In today’s digital age, the way people go about communicating has changed. Business demands often mean more time is spent away from the office and our desks, and so it’s more important now than ever before that people remain contactable. It’s vital that colleagues can still talk to each other, no matter where they are and can collaborate on work and projects. It’s even more vital that customers feel valued and receive a service they expect, which in simple terms, often breaks down to – can they get through to the right place and the right person, when they need to?

With hosted VoIP telephony, there’s never been an easier time to communicate from anywhere, at anytime – and the great news is that all you need to get setup is an internet connection, which most of us are fortunate enough to have!

No matter your current situation, with a simple call-forward in place, you could be mobilised and ready to work remotely in next to no time with ‘Soft Phones’!

Soft Phones are available on most devices such as PC’s. laptops, tablets and mobile; meaning that employees can continue to work and communicate on their usual business telephone number, with minimal disruption.

Key Soft Phone features include:

– Take & make calls from nearly any device
– Have a business presence with a desired outbound number presentation
– Enjoy your own corporate directory
– Instant messenger chat functionality
– Call history and call logs
– Integrated audio conferencing
– Video calling
– Desktop sharing
– Calendar presence

Hosted voice gives you all of the features of a traditional phone system but then offers an extensive range of enhanced features designed to make day to day operations easier and more efficient. Better still, these features are modular and can be added and taken away as they become available, without having to change your phone system, tying in nicely with the scalable operational costs.

The aim of a hosted VoIP telephony system is to deliver simplicity to the user, whilst maintaining the ability to undertake complex call routing and workflows. Hosted voice empowers users with functionality that enables clearer communication that is more widely accessible, irrespective of geographic location or device type.

Not only will migrating to VoIP contribute to current business needs (as many businesses Worldwide move to remote / homeworking during the COVID-19 pandemic), this solution assists businesses in their strategy to futureproof, modernise and transform digitally. In today’s fast paced world, you need to be flexible and able to adapt fast. With the help of the right solutions provider you can adopt the latest technologies quickly and effectively, being operational in no time.  

INFINITY IT Solutions can help you with that through INFINITY Tone. INFINITY TONE is the UK’s premier hosted and fully managed telephony suite. It has been designed to allow businesses to operate without the technical and commercial restrictions of traditional on premise PBX based infrastructure; addressing the requirements of businesses that want to control operating costs whilst provisioning resources that allow their employees to become more productive even in times like these.




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